Thursday, July 10, 2014

HARDLY Thoughtless Thursday: The JONES BUNCH caught on camera!

It has come to my attention that 4 white dogs have been trying to muscle in on MY territory. MY as in ours... mine, JD's and The Wendy's. So.... OURS, I guess.

We are "famous" at this particular store for being the "Bichons en residence". We have provided hours of PR and photo ops and given dozens of interviews and allowed countless strangers to fully experience the luxury that is to pet a Bichon.

You can verify what I am saying here:

Dec 21, 2008
Vera Wang is the CareALot employee I relate to the most. She is helpful, sweet, friendly and EVER present! She greets, meets, mingles and carefully oversees the goings on in the store. Her consultations on snacks and ...

Jul 28, 2009
Sunday is CareALot day. It is always special and the staff is always wonderful. And the snacks are delish. But Sunday we shared an "experience". There we were in our cart shopping along, doing the usual cute poses for other ...
Oct 30, 2010
On September 11, my friend Vera Wang crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Vera was a fab girl whose presence at CareALot made the ordinary shopping trip, a fun visit and something we looked forward to. Vera was featured ...

Jul 08, 2011
I got the ride bit.I got the Carealot visit.I got the my having to behave, but what is that whole other discussion about? Wait. Back up eight words. Did you just say the judge might be coming home this weekend? The judge is my ...

Jun 15, 2008
Of course, it would also be nicer if some of the 2 legged owned a mirror. I mean... really some of them wore the strangest things! It has been a grand weekend. CareALot yesterday, [we saw so many dogs! And Wendy got to be ...

Mar 06, 2011
We saw our friend Miss Ethel yesterday, ever faithful to her momma she was hard at work at Care-A-Lot, even though she is recovering from her surgery. Trust me, Miss Ethel, you will be feeling lots better in no time at all, ...

Jun 21, 2010
My true love's passion. Therefore pardon me,. And not impute this yielding to light love,. Which the dark night hath so discovered. [Shakespeare in CARE-A-LOT???? Are we kidding??? I am not sure I can take this emotionally.

JD even performed Shakespeare there and let me tell you the reviews were "marrhhhhhvelous".

So, now I have to ask, Et tu Fiona??? Et tu Kip? Two of my own fellow alumns from White Dog Cottage???

Are you trying to move in on my OUR territory? And.... Marie... you always looked innocent to me, but I am rethinking it... Toby are you going to let this bunch drag you into this????

I am ferklempt. And my own ferklemptiness is deepened by the fact that someone 'round here has been remiss in taking me out to all my fav spots because they are busy doing woof knows what... I am not naming names... but momma, Je t'accuse... You can make it up me... pull out that sleepy plastic, I am going to be getting a few things.

I did phone my old buddies at the store, they assure me that I am still BICHON IN RESIDENCE. Just to make sure, I will be doing the "rounds " I am sorry, but I did pull the "MALTESE card". Girl got to do what a girl got to do.

Uncle Bob, did you think I was NOT going to find out???? Mhhh????

MAX B, Furry Overlord, please come over, we need a fourth!


[yes we are out of focus] we were BUSY!

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