Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday, resting up after a busy weekend.

Some of us forced the pawrents out and about instead  watching them do of all that work that they claim they have to do. Whatever, all I know is, my closet is in perfect order, so I do not need to hear about other closets that need to be cleaned out.  I needed to go out and I made sure I got my Sunday outing.
Met some lovely people, met some nice dogs, and even had my first face to face with a green  thingie, momma called a gecko. Hey is that the dude from the commercial? He was kind of uppity... Ehhh. 

My favorite part of the weekend was the boardwalk. The smells, the noise, the activity.
Besides, I am a people watcher and trust me on this, the boardwalk is prime real estate for people watching. {Yea I judge... but I am not allowed to say things out loud., not until I get my own fashion police show... momma and her rules... ugh!}

Some of us, like Quint spent the time getting all settled in and loving his new digs. Heyyyy Quint got enough toys there? Took me a bit to find you in the picture!

Some of an emergency bath after rolling and running through a mud puddle. Max, nice trick. So, that's how you avoid the blow dryer, you act all wiped out and sleepy after the bath!  Duly noted.  Except that would probably not even remotely slow down my momma... OCD  herself would probably tell me that I can nap AFTER the comb out and blow dry...

So... what was your favorite part of the weekend?


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