Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tasty Tuesday: The Food2Go talk.

Travel can be fun if you are prepared.

So, it is summer. It is our time to go and explore and visit and take day trips and discover and make new friends, and taste new things and have fun and generally.... it is BUSY, exhausting, interesting, wild... and... sometimes it interferes with our  routine. For some of us, a change in routine means tummy ache, feeding issues, etc etc.  Momma is not into that.  So,  over the years, momma has developed some great coping strategies.

Day trips generally mean that we are getting up very early, getting into a van that daddy has packed the night before and going on a long ride to end up somewhere new.  That "somewhere" does not necessarily have the same grocery stores, or readily available food that we like. In comes the "travel box". Momma has this travel box and this small red cooler. In those two units is our "routine". If we did not eat breakfast, you will find our breakfast, our treats,bowls, bottled water, our  meds, a basic dinner that can be augmented with local fresh something or other, wipes, brushes, and of course extra harness and leashes. [we learned that things brake] and a flash drive with our medical info on it in the small first aid box. I forgot, Blue teddy comes with us too. I need him.

Getting my Teddy and getting ready to go!
Are you guys ready?

It is pretty basic, common sense stuff, but having it there makes our life easier.  In our case, JD is deathly intolerant of chicken and beef. So, it is not unusual for momma to have an emergency can of low sodium turkey. But really, she is pretty good at packing lamb chops that can be grilled quickly, [all parks have grills] frozen turkey meatballs that thaw nicely and baked sweet potatoes that are simply delish.

Turkey jerky travels well in the cooler, as does chevre which we all love. And here is the other part of safe travel.  Momma has no problem asking a restaurant to make something for us. Yea, we get the weird looks. So what. If we are at a seafood place, momma will ask for steamed plain crab. Butter on the side. It is delicious, safe, we love it and it is easy. Asking for plain steamed veggies like broccoli and carrots and cauliflower is simple. We do stay away from heavily sauced, buttered, sweetened... stuff.  And yes key to getting what you really want is to ask- ask-ask-ask many many questions. "We get our veggies in a pouch with seasonings..." means no veggies.  Yogurt. We find plain yogurt just about everywhere. [Except that store in Coinjock.... what was up with that?]

CALLING dibs on the right car seat

The thing that momma will not do is give into the moment and "try" something new.  Sorry, but NO. Too many consequences. She is generally horrified to see people give their dogs chunks of greasy BBQ pork off their sandwiches. These are  the same people who will complain that their dog does not travel well.  they get sick and vomit... DUHHHHHHH!

So, make it safe, invest a little time and thought in being prepared and make the trip a fun experience, for EVERYONE!

So to pack your Safe food kit, ask yourself what you feed your four legged, and ask yourself how well does it travel?  And... How do I make it safe for travel?

Waiting for our grilled din din.



Two French Bulldogs said...

Good ideas to packing safely
Lily & Edward

Talking-Dogs said...

Great tips! Sharing.

M. K. Clinton said...

Those are super ideas for making traveling easier for all of us. You three look so adorable in that bottom photo. ♥