Friday, July 25, 2014

So, what's the deal with picnics?

OK, I will tell it as it is.  I am NOT a fan of picnics. I do not like being hot. I do not like bugs, I do not like
the "humditty" [humidity], but most of all... I must have UPHOLSTERY and I must be afforded all the comforts befitting my station. I am a princess you know. I know I act all humble and that causes you to forget my true nature. I forgive you. BUT....please remember I am royalty. A fan, a spritzer, some cushions would not have killed you.

JD's biggest issue with picnics is that apparently THERE ARE NO MENUS to look at for a picnic! Whatever is slapped on that grill or snapped out of that tupperware is what you get. Can we say... "draconian"????  Look at the poor boy trying to comprehend these limitations!  We are used to menus. Some of us can't eat or won't eat... processed chemicals... I am just saying.

The Wendy will walk on anybody to avoid grass. Do you blame her? Would you want to walk on a toilet?
Would it be so totally out of the question for us to go back to the van, have daddy turn the air on and have our "picnic" in the comforts of the van? You know, soft upholstery, background music, A/C, and nice comfy pillows and... iced water?  You know,  like we are CIVILIZED!

WE can "socialize" for a bit after we eat.  But honestly, this whole picnic fascination is just incomprehensible to me. I am wearing a fur coat.  It is like 90 degrees, and... I am sorry, but when I am this uncomfortable, I am not going to be social.

Let's go home.  Might as well.  Hoomans.  They have such cacamemy ideas sometimes.

'vie , JD and The Wendy.... in FULL agreement

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