Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tasty Tuesday : simply delicious.


It is the season, and you know what that means?

"Boobeeeries sorbet"
A 5 step summer treat:
[Without egg white!]

1. wash blueberries
2. freeze blueberries
3. food process blueberries
4. add equal parts of yogurt
5. and 1 TBS of local honey

scoop and serve.

Ehmmmm could you please bring it outside by the pool?  The HELP these days.... lazy, no make that Lazy with a capital L.

Did you know that blueberries make my black nose darker? And my tongue PINKIER!

Yes I eat it for all the right reasons... my nose needs to be darker, the local honey boosts my immune system, nahhh that it is delicious is just a bonus...
Don't you believe me?  I only eat things that are good for me! "Honest truth" !!!
There is this bridge I would like to sell.  Would you like to own a bridge?  It is one of a kind, it has a wonderful name... "Golden Gate Bridge"   It would be like owning jewelry, almost, but on a larger scale.
You doubt my veracity? I do not even own that!

Well doubt whatever you want, but try this!


Unknown said...

I don't think Ma has ever added blueberries to my frozen yogurt before. I need to get her to do that so I can try some too!

Talking-Dogs said...

YUM! This sounds sooo good!

silvieon4 said...

it is good and hoomans steal it sometimes. Momma thinks I am blind. I see her licking it up... and I see her smacking the lips. I keep hoping she makes twice as much out of guilt and limits her "take: yo a few licks...

Flea said...

Looks yummy! We buy frozen blueberries by the bag. Mmmmmm.

M. K. Clinton said...

Yummy! That sounds fabulous! I hope you get the "help" straightened out, so you can get poolside service!

Unknown said...

Sounds absolutely yummy! Our favorite fruit around here is blueberries so you can bet we will be trying this recipe when they come back in season.