Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tasty Tuesday: "Skinny zucchini"

The momma is sneaky.  The momma is really sneaky. But all her "sneaky " is really useless sometimes.  But we let her think she is being smarter than us... It makes the woman feel better about herself or something. You know hooooomans [how many oooos go it that words anyway?  I dunno, I just let Dragon Naturally barking type them out and I bark the word out. HOOOOOOOOOMANS] two leggeds, there .

So, in the useless exercise of her "sneakiness" momma devised these  "light treats". You know, some of us were getting "fluffy". Ok so maybe we are still fluffy... but on the way to less fluffy?  I am getting groomed today. So, that is the truth.

The woman went through great lengths to "present and model" how delicious these were. Ehh. She could have skipped that whole song and dance because they are delicious. she should have RES IPSA LOQUITOR! [let the thing speak for itself]

They are light... really light... I am talking LIGHT.  But honestly... light is secondary DELICIOUS is key

The tasty goodness in these is that they taste like beef, chicken, turkey, lamb... And they are chewy and  light.

So, I watched her make them.  Here are my notes.

1.Get lots of zucchini.  You want big ones. Really big ones,  They "shrink" when you dehydrate them.

2. Momma used her mandoline to slice them, but you could use your food processor or hand slice them.
The key is EVEN  slices.

3.The next step is a passive step.
Get your colander out and very lightly salt the zucchini slices and let them drain for a long time... like at least whole hour.  You could leave them to drain  overnight in your refrigerator.  This step is crucial. Do not skip it.

4. Get your paper towels and dab them dry.

5. And now comes the magic.

6.  You know how momma is always making aspic?  You know, concentrated stock? Well you could cheat and get a can of low sodium "consomme". [Concentrated stock] of your favorite meat.  Ie, chicken, or beef or duck... And yes, now you will dip the zucchini slices in that consomme and lay them out on the dehydrator tray or oven tray. To make them extra special, you can also rub cooked ground turkey [yes, for you cheats you can use a  baby food jar- just make sure it's onion free]

7. Set them to dehydrate at the lowest setting recommended by your manufacturer... or if you are doing them in the oven set at 200, and leave for 5 hrs.

They are done when they feel like "leathery chips".

Your hooman will insist on tasting them.  They they will mutter something about gooses and ganders, and will want to eat them all. Make sure you step in and get your fair share. Let guilt do the work for you. Otherwise they will eat them all.  You know hooooomans....

Give these a try.  They make a fine treat. And they are LOW in calories.

You are welcome,


Anonymous said...

I honestly think I saw my human mommy drooling while she read this. I'm pretty sure she'll be making this recipe. Just hope I get my fair share!

Unknown said...

I'm afraid my hoomin would hog them all, they sound so tasty!