Monday, July 28, 2014

Who are you calling a BOLO?

Relax, Wendy Pooh. It was not an insult.  You know how Hooooomans are. Some four leggeds are just so...sensitive.. and some two leggeds are so...
You are a beautiful girl and that two legged was not the brightest candle in the hannukia. {I have been wishing it was Hanukkah lately. I think I am craving corned beef. Momma, should you be putting up some corned beef? hmmm?}

Ok Wendy Pooh, let dissect what happened. Our Sunday was going very well.  We talked momma out of unpacking and we went off to our fav places. The pet store. Right?  You loved the live sushi bar. I loved too. I bet those little red glittery fishies taste just like spicy sardines! Do you think the yellow ones are mustardy?
 I just have never seen them serve all that sushi. It seems as if all they do is grow it in those water tanks. Strange, ha?  Thank dogness Hero down the street serves sushi, else I would be famished with a crazy craving.

Back to our Sunday.  We were visiting and meeting lots of new dogs, and some nice two leggeds.  We even met some cats. [Cooper you have a few doppelgangers!  I swear they looked like you. But the eyes. They were different Coop, yours are special.]

Anyway, there we were being oohed and ahhhed and petted and people were losing their minds over our fluffytude, when this little taco dog approached us and tried to chat us up.  Turned out he was a  long haired Chihuahua named "Jesus"... no I am not kidding.  If I had hands I would have gladly slapped this hooman, for that alone.  For so many reasons.
Then, this "dude"approched us, pointed to you and said:
"That's a BOLO.  I would know a BOLO anywhere."

Really dude?  You would? Sure about that?
Did you catch momma's eye roll?  It was EPIC.  It came with a frigid wave . I think she cooled the air around her by about 20 degrees. Good thing we are wearing fur 'cause we would have gotten frostbite.

BOLO is the wanna be hipster short for BOLOGNESE.  Not the sauce we love.Italian sauce. Mouth is watering, do we have any home made tagliatelle? Whaaaaaat?  It's not my fault.  I have great taste memory. The Bolognese breed is a cousin to the Bichon Frise with one tiny distinction. The Bolognese's hair flows in long, wavy locks. 

It was 90 + degrees yesterday.  Tons of hummiditty. [humidity] and we has walked by the spritzy fountains, remember? Remember how we all frizzed out?  Momma looked like a brown q tip. {Giggle}  Remember how she took out her hair brush, brushed us  all and the she brushed her own hair?

Well, that quick brush out just gave us all "waves".  He was NOT insulting you. More than likely he was trying to "impress" anyone listening with his parlance . "Bolo " is not an insult.  He picked you out because you have the most beautiful halo. Yea, girl, you do. I love the way it frames your face.

And, come on, how cool was momma's dismissive waive as she said in perfect Italian. "No, non e` Bolognese. E` Bichon Frise."  I bet he wished he never opened his mouth. Anyway, Wendy Pooh, you are beautiful and the dude was just a dude with a poor dog named Jesus.

Jesus help him.
that's all I am going to say.


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