Monday, July 7, 2014

Why can't I play with this dog?

Soooo, we have been having a serious discussion around here. Ok, fine, it is not a discussion.  It is a disagreement. OOOK,  It is a full blown fight.
IT is the three of us four leggeds vs "da hoomans".

Here us the scoop. We were taking a stroll while momma's weird inside out jalapeno tuna, avocado sushi roll was being made,  [not even going to try explaining that - she is weird- very weird.]. As we walked by the violin place which has held a deep fascination for JD, we noticed that we were getting stared back! As our eyes adjusted we realized that there was a dog inside!  

1. Momma lied!  They do allow dogs, obviously. And all this time when she said that we were not allowed in there, she was lying.
2. This was a good looking older dog and for some reason he or she [we could not tell] was not at all eager to come out and play.
3. The momma said that this was a working dog, guarding the store, as if we are going to fall for that line!
4. We decided to stand firm and demand that the dog be let out to play!  We barked, and pulled the leashes and threw a royal hissy fit which was worthy of you tube.

You know what that got us? Nothing good.  We got scooped up and put in the car. We got scolded and boy did we get lectured. Blah blah blah blah blah... " Words.... words... words...spoiled rotten dogs... that is a working dog and you will not harass that dog because that dog is earning an honest living..."

Well I heard that and I lost it.  What??? Am I earning a dishonest living?  Are my snuggles and kisses and wags all "FALSE"? Ok some might be motivated by chewies, but  but I am an honest dog!  I deeply resent the implications of momma's statement.

Things escalated from there. Barks were issued, words were said, and i fear there might b e no coming back from some that was said... So, as it stands, this morning the momma seems to have had a memory lapse and is going about as if nothing has happened. How convenient. The three of us are still in distant and cold mode.

We never got scolded like this before. I think momma needs some drugs or something to chill. Hm. Maybe the heat and the stress of Andrew who, by the way was happily a no show at our house, I dunno. In any case, unless some sort of truce is engineered, things are going to be rocky. I suppose it is up to be to be the bigger being.  Maybe.  I will see how things go this afternoon.  In any case, at the very least she should arrange a meeting with the Violin store store dog and us. That is the least she can do.

No dogs allowed, my tail.


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