Saturday, July 26, 2014

Sepia Saturday... Falling in love

This is one of my favorite pictures. It was taken about an hour [37 minutes, actually... daddy timed it...] after momma and I met.   Yes, that many years ago. I was a puppy.  I was a smart puppy.
I saw momma, she saw me. I knew she was mine and she knew I was hers. Everything else did not matter. Logic?  Out the window. We were not going to part. EVAH!.

It was kismet, I felt at peace in her arms and she felt whole with me.
It was meant to be.

I did growl at first when she tried to pick me up. I had to. It is expected. Then I went up to her and as she held me we looked into each other's eyes and souls. She had me there. At first look.

Well momma, I know you feel the same way. You tell me ten thousand times a day that you love me.  I never got tired of hearing it and I love you too.

Looking back, it's funny how people remember our gotcha day. They say you never put me down and you carried me and you told everyone that I had a last name.  All I remember is feeling safe and happy and knowing I belonged to you and you belonged to me. I don't recall anyone else except for Dowi. I do recall her hair and her holding me and her telling me that I was part of a family.

The Adam was someone I met later. But he turned out to be awesome too!

You know what? I really don't recall my time before we met. I don't even want to. I am where I am supposed to be.

Dearest Silvie,

I went to White Dog Cottage to meet you because I was curious. They had named you Silvie. Obviously I had to meet you. After all, I am Silvie! Daddy and I "discussed" whether or not we should adopt you. He was very excited , I was very apprehensive.  I had JD and The Wendy and they were finally settled into a routine. I was worried that bringing you would upset that balance. But off we went.

The ride to White Dog Cottage felt soooooo long. When we finally got there, all the dogs greeted me because they know me as the cookie lady. You. You decided you did not need to meet me.  You ran in the bathroom and hid behind the toilet. You silly girl. And when I tried talking to you you showed me that adorable under-bite and gave me a growl. And what a cute, wonderful, delicious growl it was! Your lanky puppy body, awkward, tear stained little face sent my heart into a gallop and my mind into a tail spin. I saw all that you could be and I knew, right there and then I knew. We belonged together. I was not going to trust anyone else to take care of you. 

I picked you up. I kissed your face and your sweet paws. You nestled in my arms and that is when that picture was taken. The rest is history as they say. Not a day goes by that you do not surprise me. In case you ever wondered... My little shikourina, I love you.

Thank you Auntie Robin, how did you know?????

the momma.


M. K. Clinton said...

That is so sweet. I am glad that you found each other. It is definitely a perfect fit.

Groovy Goldendoodles said...

When you're paired up with the right dog - it can be a beautiful thing. Nice post

Two French Bulldogs said...

Ahhh how sweet
Lily & Edward

ruckustheeskie said...

Ok I fell in love.

Happy Sepia Saturday!