Friday, July 18, 2014


In my mailbox:  From Tidewater Bichon Frise Rescue

John and Cheryl  of Gloucester, VA and their Bichon, Cuddles, 

are the new mom and dad and sister to Quint :)

WELCOME to the family! [No, the bills are not separate.  Hahahahaha, I crack me up!  Get it?  spoof of that commercial....]

My momma is particularly happy because she knows what a fab family Quint has joined.  I love starting my day with great news!.  I am doing helicopter tail and shaking my booty to a little cha cha...

[ I am attracting a lot of attention...I do have a great tushy. No point in engaging in false modesty. Nothing beats a Bichon Butt, sorry Kim K.West.... but it is true.  Not to diminish all you have accomplished with your hooooman butt, such as it is, tailless and all...]

But back to Quint. Little boy, your TBFR family is thrilled for you. We know what a loving boy you are and we look forward to seeing you blossom.

Obviously you have to, have to, have to COME TO THE BASH.  You have to bring your pawrents and sister so we can all meet up. And you have to show off.  It is expected and normal. And don't forget that you have to "distance" snob auntie Robin and uncle Jack.   They will whine about it, but secretly love it because it means you are fully bonded with your new family.

Just a couple of bits of wisdom, play it cool, play by the rules [at first anyway] and make sure that your momma never has an empty lap!  Fulfill your destiny!

Send me a pic.

Meanwhile, I dance with joy!!!!

And The Wendy joins me! Chasses, reverse top, Turkish towel...Hip twist spiral.... cha cha cha...
I love to dance!


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Two French Bulldogs said...

Whoooa! Are you doing a two step or a line dance in all that excitement
Lily & Edward