Friday, July 4, 2014

Is Arthur coming to dinner? JD guest blogs

I think if Max can guest post, I should be able to do the same. After a somewhat one sided "discussion", the girls gave in. [Yuh, you know it, I gave them my chewies. Females... Nuff said]

Mhhh it seems to be "misting " out there... Kind of a tossed salad in the pool.  I guess Arthur the storm is really coming...I went out to do my "morning business" you know I have to actually inspect the North forties, 'cause that is part of my job...  So I come in and I am a wee bit "dampish" and maybe slightly off white and that woman, the momma goes nuts on me.
Towels and brushes and complaints about my "completely horrible appearance". Mhhh.  Did I point out that she looks like an unmade bed? Nooooo, I am a gentleman.  I put up with her tirade. Hellloooo there is a storm coming, I went out and took inventory and "secured the back yard".  Did I get a thank you?  No.  I got crazy woman sniveling about my being wet.  I don't suppose the words logic and momma go together do they? 

Now I am getting a lot of heat because of course the momma is calling the Myke and making a grooming appointment. They girls are blaming me! Do you see what I have to put up with?  And the dad is no help whatsoever. NADA.  He sits there quietly shaking his head. Where is the brotherhood of male supporting male when you need it? 

HA. The momma just informed the dad that he needs a haircut too. Awesome! See how it feels! No point is saying anything to momma, she just got groomed yesterday. But then again she likes that sort of stuff...

So much for my guest post.  I will let you know how Arthur's visit goes.  I personally think he needs to go elsewhere 'cause round here he is not wanted. Wait, we should just put momma outside and let her mood exude. Arthur would run in the opposite direction..... Hey mommmmmmmmaaaaa, I got an idea....


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Two French Bulldogs said...

Arthur better stay away
Happy July 4th
Lily & Edward