Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Meeting ALBIE

Sunday is CareALot day. It is always special and the staff is always wonderful. And the snacks are delish. But Sunday we shared an "experience". There we were in our cart shopping along, doing the usual cute poses for other shoppers, talking smack about breed for greed and showing the world what rescue is about. You can see that the 3 of us were perfectly behaved in our cart.
We have to be. We are ambassadors for Tidewater Bichon Frise Rescue. It is a real job and we have responsibilities!

Anyway. Suddenly JD said : "OH MY!" and for a while that is all he would say... and he dropped his jaw in awe. Wendy started looking down to see what JD was all befuddled about. I just looked around because it takes a whole lot to undo JD.

And there, a few feet away I saw the hugest, biggest, gigantic Bichon of all time! There he was, standing at the counter looking at us! I am talking HUGE. No, no HUGEST Bichon I have ever seen. For real. It was as tall as momma! Not fat- just BIG. Tall, Large, no XL sized.

No....XXT yes that tall!

I was shocked. And then he came up to the cart to meet us! He is Bichon, he would not eat us, right? Let me tell you we were worried. But he introduced himself as Albie. After the first polite rounds of hello, I could not contain myself.... I asked "What on earth do they feed a Bichon of your size?"

Wendy chimed in: "I bet they never got you wet so you never shrank. We must have been overwashed so we shrunk!"

JD was till in "OH MY" mode.

Albie was very nice and very patient. He sat down and asked :"What's a Bichon? I am a Standard Poodle and you look like itty bitty shrunken poodles... are you? and I eat my dog food thank you and I do get baths regularly"

Really. He said he is not Bichon... But he looks it. Oh yes he does. And he can believe whatever he wants... He is Bichon. He is curly, white and cute. He is just a wee bit big. He is one of us.
Albie, we love you as you are. Some day... you will feel secure enough to admit being Bichon.

I have been around. I have seen poodles. And you are No poodle! [Poodles have those puffy things on their butt... and shaved paws... nahhhh YOU ARE no poodle!]

Albie- You are one gorgeous looking HUGE Bichon and we were thrilled to meet you.


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Anonymous said...

Oh, Silvie, your antics make me laugh...