Saturday, July 4, 2009

Finally! Proof that Silvieon4 IS NOT Sweet

You all think she is a sweet innocent little girl. No. The truth is captured here.
She is a vicious play machine. Click on any pic and it will show you the gory details of her play attacks.

Honestly, I was just sitting there. Minding my own. Watching momma argue with her camera and her puter. [I think the machines won...] and wham, out of no where, Silvieon 4 attacks! Nipping my toes! YUH! Really!!! LOOK...
Vicious, ruthless play machine! You see the look of frustration and shock on me?

And then... you see that "Ohh I am a sweet baby" pose she strikes when momma and daddy look?

Well, I am vindicated! The camera caught it all!!!

the "saint" for putting up with the play machine!


rocky-dog said...

JD -- my brother in fur! I have to admit, I don't have to put up with this nonsense in my house -- I'm an only "on4" here. I must ask -- do you ever try to pull that peepee band off??? Mama finally gave up on them as I was able to figure out how to open all of them! Velcro is no match, snaps are no match. The hook and eye thingies came close but I was able to overcome. Mama has mumbled about something called a zipper (whatever that is), but for now I get to go belt free. Of course I can only go into certain places in the house if I'm with the mama and all the bedroom doors are closed at night and the gate is up across the living room. There is one spot right in front of mama's office and sewing studio that I've, ahem, left my mark.


silvieon4 said...

My belly bands have a 2 inch wide velcro strip. It takes serious muscle to pull them off. You know, I never marked until the girls got here. Now it is all about territory...

rocky-dog said...

Mama has tried the wide velcro (including the industrial stuff) and even velcro WITH snaps. I have serious issues with being made to wear ANYTHING. I've also killed several bands when I've found them after they were finished in the laundry thing. No belly bands for this boy!


silvieon4 said...

Rocky I hear a zipper in your future!