Friday, July 3, 2009

BENNY and the life of a foster child

This is Benny who is in foster care and waiting for his forever family to come get him. He is looking .... ehmm seriously handsome. This Outer Banks outing just warms my little heart
for 3 reasons:
1. Benny is having a grand time with his foster family!
2. Benny has learned all about being part of a family and that really is great.
3. Benny is ready for his forever family .

Benny in yellow sunglasses with his foster siblings who have been patiently teaching him the ropes. Thank you Pepe and Peanut. Tip to Benny boy... get used to sunglasses,
they come in handy and 2 leggeds love them on Bichons! Cheap, fast shortcut to a treat or an Ooohhhh.

Really... he is handsome... Mooooom could we get Benny???? Oh just to prove my point about rescue. Below is a pic of Benny when he was first rescued...but post bath, post vetting... etc etc.
Compare that to the pictures above:

He has blossomed. He really has.

Got to fluff, need to send Benny my pic..., need excuse to do that...
mhhh got to think....


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