Wednesday, July 29, 2009

LAPIN alert! JD is a HERO

Last night , JD sounded the alarm.
It is a rabbit! In our front yard! And at dusk! The nerve!!!

As soon as JD sounded the alert Wendy ran and hid while I provided invaluable support to our front line defense {JD}. I went and got the momma.

Momma said we needed evidence. Out came the camera and from inside the house, behind he safety of our window, we gathered evidence.

There must be a rabbit court or something. Ohhh... something like this? ~~~~> Pet Court Premieres on TruTV Do we sue for trespass? Why else would we need evidence? What damages could we recover? That rabbit was chomping grass, our grass!!! We can go for restitution! Do we get clippings [of grass] or clumpings [of grass] or seedlings [of grass]???
Something for the judge and jury to ponder.

Momma said that sometimes wild animals carry diseases and that is why she did not let us out to chase the rabbit. Momma also joked that she would dust off her lapin avec lait recipe. Rabbit in milk? ick. I hope that was a joke.
Bad joke. Rabid rabbit in milk?????[Do you see where Wendy gets it from? but that is a whole different blog entry....]

Anyhow, the real hero in this was JD who held his ground and stared that rabbit down . It could not sustain JD's stare, it finally fled.

JD, you are my hero!!!

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Anonymous said...

Could you send JD over to our house? We live in a field of rabbits here.

silvieon4 said...

I am willing to broker a short term visit by JD, but the boy is insisting on a few "riders" in his visiting contract and frankly dealing with this diva is getting to be too much...I mean... having a personal "fanner" to operate a battery operated 9 watt fan at all time to create the winsome look for his ears... at any time whenever he is in public or in the presence of a second entity is a wee bit much...