Friday, July 31, 2009


An open letter to my nonna.

What is this I hear? You are going on a trip? And you are NOT coming here? Mhh.

And why did you not plan on taking me along? You know I would be great companionship and I bark in several languages. I suppose you will be meeting other dogs. Oh well. Good luck finding one as cute as I am and as sweet as I am and as fluffy as I am. And did I mention my gorgeous tail??? Well, wherever it is that you are going, remember that we are here and that we would love to see you, and you better bring some chewies when you come. And since you are going to be meeting 2leggeds etc, do not forget to mention me, the blog, me, momma, me, the Adam, me, the Dowi, me, the daddy, me, Wendy, me, JD [even though he is not playing with me] and me.... And make sure you take my pics so they can see the full cuteness factor.

Please have a good time and relax and enjoy, don't you worry at all about us, I do have some prospects for a surrogate nonna I will be interviewing.
Upon your return you may regain your former nonna status by applying with the appropriate chewies and toys. Because deep down I do love you.

Bon Voyage...

PS... do NOT rub anyone else's belly. They have cooties.

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bichonpawz said...

Aww....I hope your Nonna comes home soon....I can just miss her!