Monday, July 13, 2009

HÜGO BICHON VON [the VON is silent] FRISE`

HÜGO BICHON VON [the VON is silent] FRISE`

I have a new playmate! Oh, he is the coolest, smartest, squirrel-catchiest bichon ever. He is my favorite (next to Wendy.)

I swear, it’s not about his lineage, although being a VON [the VON is silent], doesn’t hurt at all. It’s not the fact that he uses and umlat to spell HÜGO. Although, how fabulous is that?

I like him because he plays with me. All the time. Not just after a bath when I smell pretty. And he gives me his chewys without making me whimper for 10 minutes that he got the better chewy. And he doesn’t just chase squirrels, he CATCHES them. (Don’t worry, he just challenges the squirrel to a thumb war and then lets him go.)

Oh, and I almost forgot! He has a boat and he wears flippy floppies on it. AND he writes songs for Lady Gaga. AND he’s a vampire. AND he used to sing backup for Journey. AND he’s the ambassador to Connecticut and... He is the first living heart donor!

JD: Really Silvie? Really? The VON is silent??? Sometimes I wish you were silent…

Silvie: JD! If you talk while I’m doing this Dragon Naturally Barking will pick it up!

JD: Good. Your readers should know that you are just making up Phony Von Fakerson to get my attention.

Silvie: AM NOT!

JD: You know, if you want to play, all you have to do is ask.

Silvie: Really? Can we play now?

JD: Maybe in a little bit. I busy trying to figure out how to wear flippy floppies.



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