Lilly, the pup dubbed the "five-legged puppy," is back on her feet (now only four of them!) after limb removal surgery on Thursday. The little Chihuahua mix was sporting a blue collar which prevents her from tugging at her stitches as she sniffed around the backyard of owner Allyson Siegel in Charlotte, N.C., on Friday.

Locals in Charlotte held a fund-raiser on Friday for Siegel, who paid $4,000 for the puppy (outbidding freak-show owner John Strong) and an additional $2,000 for the operation. The terrier-Chihuahua had the surgery at an undisclosed veterinarian's office.

Siegel told PEOPLE Pets on Thursday that the little dog couldn't sit, walk or lay properly because of the extra leg. "She'd struggle to run up a hill or walk up a hill because she had to tug that thing behind her," said Siegel. But now Lilly is running around just like any other puppy. "She's outgoing, she's hyper. She's got a lot of energy."

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