Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tasty TUESDAY... gone array...

Dear Max,

Got your pic. You are looking fine my "nephew".  I am so sorry that you are being subjected to the "wait" stuff. It seems to me that these two leggeds do a lot of "waiting".  You know what the problem is, right?   The rags they wear. Choosing  them, putting them on, taking them off... ick it's enough to make you crazy.  And the ten million stupid little things that they FIXATE on... Yea, they got thumbs, but at what price!!!!

Hopefully, Adam made your wait time worth your while.  Did you get a new Ding Ding?

Let me tell how tough things have been here.

My house... such as it is right now. Boxes, tired hoomans, whining about stuff and strangers milling about.

Today... what a day.  It is supposed to be tasty Tuesday.  It is the highlight of MY week, right?  But nooooo.  The momma has had strangers making dust and holes, and noises that should not be tolerated ever... Then she got me all excited.  She said something about granite.  I tell you, I love granitas, so I figured this must be some new flavor of granita. Womp womp... not.

GRANITE is not granita. It is a rock. A huge, flat shiny ROCK.  It is counter. It went with the new cabinets IT IS NOT DELICIOUS!

I blogged about GRANITA here:

.silvieon4: Doggy GRANITA
Apr 29, 2009
Doggy GRANITA. One of the best part of being a 4 legged at my house is momma's weird take on food. The last few days it has been hot, very very hot. Summer like hot. Yesterday after our walk we we all panting and just ...
Sep 11, 2012
he is only three years old, but he is so mellow... Hey Park, waaaaggg, it was nice meeting you. I love water melons. Specially when momma makes them into granita. Sooo, how does this goodbye to summer work anyway?

I am raging mad.  I want these people out and I want my house back. I want my momma back,  I want TASTY TUESDAY back!.  ????? OMD! I am going to lose my everloving mind. NO COOKING until tomorrow????  Why???? Caulk has to dry. What is caulk? Blow on it, it will dry! Get one of those blowing guns you use on me after a bath! No???? No heat????

What a revolting development.  But my dinner is ready, right?  Good.  I know, you can call Hero and have him make some white tuna sashimi for us...

I am flexible to a fault... Adapt and survive...


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