Tuesday, September 9, 2014

MAX MAIL! Life in the city edition

So, when Max was visiting we chatted. We talked. 
All right, we actually compared notes. I admit it.  I was very curious about his life in the city. Max tried answering all of our questions, and promised to send pics so we could see some of the stuff he talked about.  Here are the pics!  He told us about his balcony thing, which sounds like an open air observation perch. JD was very interested in that. We know that Max hosts parties with the Dowi. 

Apparently the Dowi puts bow ties on Max when he is hosting. And sometimes when he is going for walks too.  Max says he has learned that the bow tie thingie makes hoomans all "gooey and mushy" so he puts up with it. But the best part of Max's walkies start with the selection of the toy of the day.  This chosen toy shall be proudly carried on walks. Like this green stuffie bone.

Max says he like the ladies to know he is a dog of means and that he has his own multiple toy boxes.  So when a toy is selected, it gets to go out. [None of us here get any of this. Toys stay at home!  Buy new ones when you are out!]

See  Max proudly carry the green stuffy on the elevator and out to the courtyard where it will be admired and oogled at by everyone.

Occasionally, Max will share his toy for a brief play session with another four legged, but...the toy goes back home with him!

An unspoken deal has been struck.  When hunting or "doing his business" Max entrusts the toy to the Dowi who holds it and practices safekeeping

Really I did not realize that Max had so much hunting to do in the city! But apparently they have city squirrels that need to be kept in line!

Here is Max showing off one of his latest bow ties. "Spiffy" I guess, but frankly Max, I loved your post grooming foto...  You do have.. a MAGNIFICENT tail! Are you sure you are nine years old?

Max thank you for sharing all this with us. I did enjoy having you here, and I know you are coming back soon for another visit. Could you please make sure you mark the best spots in DC, so when we visit we have a ready made map?

JD want you to know he OWNS Tidewater.  For sure.  Rolling my eyes. Boys!

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