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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

MAX, Wooftrax, Raising money for TBFR, and FUELING UP TASTY TUESDAY

Soooooo, four leggeds, I have a way to get your lazy tushied hooomans up and moving and take you for MORE walkies.  [I know, right?!] You know you have to motivate them from time to time because you NEEDING to do your business does not put enough pressure on them.

But what if walkies generated cash for your rescue? Ahhhhhh... see where I am going with this? 

1. Get healthier- Get your hooman to rev up that lazy metabolic rate. It is fall, perfect time to walk and sniff and burn the calories . With the holidays just around the corner you need to get fit.

2. A tired dog is a HAPPY dog. Right auntie Robin?   MAke us HAPPY!   WALK!!

3. Make it count!  Download the WoofTrax to your phone (iPhone or Android) and start it whenever you take one of your fluffs for a walk. It tracks your walk, gives you a little map of your walk, and sends money to the rescue of your choice (TBFR, obviously :)) based on how far you walk. 

WoofTrax earns money by selling advertising -- it doesn't cost anything to download or use. You don't have to ask anyone to donate anything. 


This was one of MAX's walks. He is "urban". No straight lines. Makes me wonder what the Dowi is putting in his water.

Obviously this map has been.... edited, yours will show the streets and all the details.:)
But you get the idea.
I do know what she is putting in his bowl!  Power juice!  You know, power juice is bone soup!  Max is an addict.  He loves it. 

Download the app from here:

Some dogs take their toys for walkies...


After the walk..... BONE SOUP!!!!!!

The why of BONE SOUP:

The how:


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