Friday, September 5, 2014

Four Legged Friends

So.  I keep in touch with my friends.  My friend Nadya, used to live in the area. And then, her hoomans moved and dragged her all the way to Abalama. Uh?  Oh ok A LA bama.  {momma calls it Abalama, I assumed she was right}.

I have never been to that Abalama place, but Nadya seems to be ok with it.

Now, seriously,  Nadya would be ok anywhere, so long as she had her momma with her. Miss Debbie is very sweet and very gentle.  Now I find out that Miss Debbie has a Four legged day care!

Dang it, sounds like something I would love.  Hang out with my friends, party, run around and do some rolling on grass... sniffing out horses, and kitty cats... without momma going ballistic. Momma, can we go to Abalama for a week?

No? Why not?  But, but but but.... I could go visit Nadya. You could visit Miss Debbie and we could shop and party?

Hoomans. All I ever hear about is unpacking ans schedules and installations, and junk.

I am going to pout now.


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