Saturday, September 27, 2014

From the Neptune FESTIVAL!!!! 1

Our "driver"  The daddy -was lucky enough to find a good parking space.
It is mamma karma. She says because she has short legs, good parking is her karma right.  She usually gets very good parking. Daddy only gets good parking when momma is along.

Mhh lots of people and dogs!!!

But really... we are the cutest!  Look!

I smell food...

No daddy, greek olives are NOT food.  Momma is happy. It figures...

Beach beach beach...
You have been sent 10 pictures.

I really smell food!!!!

I love MY momma. And she loves me...too much!

OK.  TV lies. This dude is wayyyy bigger than he looks on TV and,,, I think he over botoxed.
Like... frozen expression. So NOT life like!



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