Thursday, September 18, 2014

Happy HAPPY HAPPY birthday to the Wendy Pohh!

My dearest Wendy,
or as we call you, THE WENDY! Happy birthday darling. You are so loved!  From your beautiful face to you fabulous tail, from those deep soulful eyes, to that gorgeous nose, and those ticklish toes, we love you all!

The timid, scared, emotionally traumatized girl that you were has blossomed into a loving, sweet,
wonderful girl who is adored by all her humans, loved to pieces by her four leggeds and liked even by Cousin Cooper the cat.

You are the best hugger in the world. And your kisses are legendary. But, no Bichon can "talk" like you do! We all love you baby girl. I know you love momma!  When you ran to momma and bypassed the Dowi and the daddy, momma melted and she now knows that you know you are her girl, first, last, always.

Momma refers to JD as her mind. [She "done" lost her mind when she got him], You are her heart.  [She "done" lost her heart when she got you] and I am her soul. Apparently that was all that was left by the time I came along. Mhhh I have to think about that one.

But today is YOUR BIRTHDAY, so get ready for a super day filled with Wendy things!  Walks, chewies, belly rubs and snuggles and RIDESSSSSSSSS.

Happy Birthday big sis!

the 'vie

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Two French Bulldogs said...

Happy Birthday to Wendy
Lily & Edward