Thursday, September 11, 2014

Dancing with JOY: Phoebe goes HOME!!!!!

CELEBRATE!  Precious Phoebe  has her forever family!!!
Seize this moment! Move stuff out of the way!!!  I need to dance with abandon!  JD stop it! Stop calling me Elaine! I dance way better than her!

I dance with my tail!  I shake my bootie.  I have the best bootie in the world, Momma said so and momma does not lie!

Back to Phoebe. Go away JD!

Phoebe waited patiently at White Dog Cottage, and now, she has a wonderful family.

Phoebs, baby. listen...  bring them to the bash.  I want to meet your brother Clancy.  I will introduce you to JD.  Girls have to "network" you know?

I am sure your hoomans have already fallen in love with you, just be judicious in your sprinkling of Bichon magic.  You do want to "make them work for it".  It has only been 7 years for me, but I still make momma work for it. It keeps her on her toes.

Hey Auntie Robin, we need a pic of Phoebe, send one, please.

Until then , DANCEEEEEE with JOY!


JD I am going to make you sorry ...


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