Monday, September 15, 2014

Blue Monday...The no mischief edition

Having to keep momma "entertained". She has been sad.

RIP Chef Bobby Huber. 

Momma, if only I had thumbs, I would cook for you!

Momma really is as blue as this bench.

I tried getting her interested in something. Something like this...

Recycling old sweaters

Or something like this... from Keep America Beautiful.

Making a personalized dog bed full of your smell, like we like it!

But she is just sad.
 It is called "grief".  I don't like grief. It is the feeling of empty you get in your soul when you lose a friend.  It takes a lot to fill that empty.  
I suppose all I can do is snuggle her, and  let the sad marinate her for a while.

She is kissing me non stop. Yuh, non stop.... I am not saying another woof.
I need to behave... FOR NOW.

Oh this is for MAX.

Hey MAXXXX, look, new toy box!

When you come back you will have to test drive it.


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Talent Hounds said...

Love the homemade dog bed, such a great idea.