Wednesday, April 29, 2009


One of the best part of being a 4 legged at my house is momma's weird take on food.
The last few days it has been hot, very very hot. Summer like hot. Yesterday after our walk we we all panting and just "HOOOOOOT". We got our paws wiped with a wet cool towel, we got fresh water, but we were still hot.

Momma got this weird look in her face and she said "I know what to do!" . What to do about what?

She got a bunch of ice cubes, put them in the food processor and she poured chicken stock in it. Pushed a button and made a lot of noise, and in under 2 minutes, she was serving us a fab treat! Chicken stock granitas! How cool is that? And it was coooooooooooling! It was also yummy and Wendy and I loved it! JD's was veggie stock. He can't eat chicken. He loved his [and I did too...but don't tell].

Well as the story goes, momma gave us our granitas, we immediately went crazy , she went to get her camera and 14 licks or so later... there was nothing to photograph.
[duhhh...] But we were basking in post granita chill.

Oh yes, c'est la vie!
Maybe we can do this again?


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