Saturday, April 11, 2009

OLD and new

Something has been bothering me. I listen in to a lot of 2legged conversations. I get to learn things that way and it is entertaining. The last couple of weeks I have fixated on "new". New York, New Hampshire, New Orleans, New Jersey... New Zealand... etc . etc. All these places are "new". So what happened to the old? Where is old York? Old Hampshire?? Can we go to Old Jersey on vacation?
Or did the "old" place wear out and is not there any more? Why else are all these places NEW if there is no OLD place with the same name? I am confused. 2leggeds just are soooo complicated sometimes....

not old, not new, same 'vie


rocky-dog said...

Silvie, mama just read me your blog posting and she told me that there ARE a bunch of the OLD places -- a lot of them are in a place called England --- hmm, isn't there a NEW England -- maybe the old one wore out too???? But mama says she's been there and that it is very old -- much older than a lot of things we have here. I like new stuff myself although mama says she likes old stuff too -- like daddy
your paw pal Rocky-dog

silvieon4 said...

Mhhh this just gets more interesting... Pretty day out there, I think we are going for a long walk, maybe just maybe I can talk them into the boardwalk. I have not sniffed out a tourist in a week! Some of the tourists come from those New... whatever places!