Monday, April 27, 2009

OMG! why? why? why?

Scientists Create Fluorescent Puppy
posted: 1 DAY 16 HOURS AGO

Bioengineering is going to the dogs.

A team of South Korean scientists has
created the world’s first fluorescent puppy, according to New Scientist
Byeongchun Lee

normal light, Ruppy looks like any other beagle puppy. In ultraviolet light, she
glows red. She's the first transgenic puppy, meaning she was created with some
genetic material from another creature -- in this case, cloned cells that
include a red fluorescent gene sea anemones produce. Researchers from the Seoul
National University in South Korea released the photos this week.

I am not really sure what to say about this. It was cute when they did it with... fish bait... you know... worms... but dogs????
I may be just a dog, but I know that here someone needs to apply BIO-ETHICS. Yes, look it up folks. BIO-ETHICS. And don't give me that line about medical research either. Frankly, they will use it again when they make YOUR baby glow in the dark!

Never thought I was say this. I am so glad I was made the old fashion way... and no I do not glow in the dark!

Turn that light off now.

P.S. one more thing! My Dowi taught this: "Just 'cause you can, doesn't mean you should!"


Honeygo Beasley said...

I don't glow in the dark either and would be a little 'fraid, nay very 'fraid, of any dog or creature that does.
You can see a video of the glow in the dark pup on my blog. Take a look! Love your commentary on the whole silliness of it all...

rocky-dog said...

yuck, no glow in the dark for me -- that would make it too easy for mama to find me when I'm hiding from the brushes or sweaters!

No NO NO this is NOT at all natural -- doggies should NOT glow in the dark -- EVER

This is a BAD thing!

your paw-pal Rocky-dog