Friday, April 17, 2009

The RAIN dance, TWITTER , Ashton K. and stuff

So, I got my peeps and we did the rain dance yesterday. We danced backwards... and we chanted. [Secret chant... only for dog's ears] and have you see the weather??? PERFECTTTTTTTTTTTTT

Auntie Robin we fixed the rain! It is gone and the sun will be out for the rest of the weekend. Now let's work on that sun getting nice and hot and drying up the wet stuff. Mhh. Wonder if there is a sun dance... Must look that up.

On other news... Congrats Ashton K! WE WON!!!! Mr Demi Moore you beat CNN! And that is how we roll! Bottom line is, it is all about the WEB. Sometimes I am so grateful for my puter! And, Ashton K nice work with the malaria awarness, now could you or somebody pick up the clue phone and start on a national no puppy mill legislation??? Pleaaaaaase???

Ashton K... I supported your cause... I am just saying.... You know what I mean?

Well I am off to getting beutified. Yes you read it right. Groomer and all, I even have new perfume. I have date[s] tomorrow, tomorrow is THE BASHHHHHHH!!!!!!! No pics today, but I promise you lots and lots of pics from the BASH!

HEY DOWIIIII you are coming over right? Phil you too??? CU All LTR!!

[who said beauty was easy!]
PS YES I AM on Twitter! Duhhhh


Honeygo Beasley said...

'Vie, enjoy the bash. I am sure you will look gorgeous. Myself, I could use a manicure, pedicure and ear plucking! A bath can wait another week. But I love getting my hair blow dried. That's cool you have a personal link to Ashton K. and you're giving him good advice on behalf of us 4legged lovelies.

Peace out - have a nice weekend, 'Vie!

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes, I have condoms, but your litter sounds much more intersting.

Beautiful Bichons, BTW. I have one of my own -- Ms. Chica Chica Boom Boom (aka Ka-Ching! OR Beauty). We signed your doggie guestbook.

silvieon4 said...

Karen, thank you for coming by and welcome to Silvieon4. Ms Kaching is cute, very very cute! Come back any time!

Anonymous said...

Yes, we are happy for Ashton Kutcher too. Twitter is cool. We have met so many wonderful people on here.

Hope you will follow us. We twit about all things doggy...good or bad.

We like happy and fun, but we also like to help dogs who need it

Also come play with us on