Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A request for the RAIN from the 3 of us!

Rain rain go away
come back another day,
We need dry dry dry
to go walking and sniffing by

for the Bash to be fun
you need to send out the sun
so we can play and run
on grass not ..................... muuud!!

Can the wind blow away
all the pollen and hay?
Make the sneezing stop
make the itchies drop

We want one perfect day,
can we order that for this Saturday???
We have things lined up
the rain must stop!

friends to meet
new people to greet
and we hear there are TREATS
so please... rain... retreat?

We make you an offer you can't refuse:
Go away this week -we have no use
Come back next week and stay
all night long and then rain all day

We won't whine, we won't complain
We will just say
welcome spring rain
come down and stay.

But for now... please, GO AWAY!!!!


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