Friday, April 17, 2009


I had some private e mails asking who Wesley was. Wesley was auntie Robin and uncle Jacks's companion. He was a talented Bichon who spoke chicken. Yes he really spoke chicken. Sounded just like one of them! He was also sweet, loving, sharing and tolerant. He lived at White Cottage and shared his daddy Jack and momma Robin with all the newbies. Secretly we all envied him because he was in his forever home and it was a great one to be in. But in the end we all loved him. He got very ill a few weeks ago and ultimately could not escape his fate. But we all aspire to be Wesley. To have a full and happy life, to be missed and loved, to be always remembered. What greater tribute can one have?
That was Wesley. Friend, companion, welcoming committee, and we all miss him already.

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