Friday, August 17, 2012

I am so proud of my vet!

He is one of the good guys... I know... I went to see him first thing this morning. I am kind of sick. I have been hacking my brains out.

I scared the momma enough that she forgot, almost, that the JD and the Wendy were coughing as well. So... the family that coughs together goes to Dr Klemm together. So off we went ...even before breakfast!

I like Dr K. I like him a lot. He gets on the floor and rubs your belly and talks sweetly to you. BUT watch out for his rude rude assistant. She sticks you with a sharp things! And sometimes she sticks things IN YOU.... She calls it "taking your temperature" I call it... nasty!

So... we have some kind of kennel cough... and we have not been anywhere near a kennel! Momma is blaming the downtown event we attended. OOOKKKK, so, I got pricked and now I have pills which I will only take in....Liveraces... sooo, get cracklacking woman, it's liveraces time!

Dr. K, [batting my eyes at him here] I am just saying, you are a kewl dude and we love you. But, I have to know.... I am still your fav patient right?

Congrats on the kudos...
PS. do you have Boomer's phone number or e mail address??? Do you think he would like to meet a cute Bichon like me????


Kolchak Puggle said...

Ugh, the cough is awful. I've had it about 800 bazillion times since I was a puppy. (Mama's Note: 4 times. Seriously. WTW?) Mama says a cold air humidifier will help keep the cough down. I know it makes me feel better!

silvieon4 said...

Thank you, we will try that. Lucky for us the Dowi is home and we have been sleeping with her all day long.