Sunday, August 19, 2012


Dearest Adam and Dowi ,

Soooo I have to thank you for re doing the blog.  Yup, I resisted.  You know, a girl who loves PINK has a hard time giving it all up.  But after five years I guess the blog needed a fresh look and a more appropriate design.  After all, I am not a baby anymore. [Don't worry Adam, I will ALWAYS be YOUR baby]

Now  the blog design reflects my sophisticated persona. And it is a cleaner design.

It does pay to have a brother who has skills and design capabilities.  And a sister who has ambition and vision. [She would make a great campaign manager- inside joke, Adam. ha!]

Now, I do feel I must remunerate you for your work. I would offer you up some of my chewies.  BUT  alas they all have been chewed to some degree. Do you want your pick of any of my chewies?  OR, I could offer you something far more valuable... like say belly rubs and kisses.  Wait... I just looked at my paws... no thumbs..... small small paws... I could try rubbing your belly... it would not be pretty, or efficient. How about this... I will give you MY belly and you can rub it until the cows come home. They did that already? Oh yea, in Ohio.... cows came home... that one time...OK.  You can rub my belly to your heart's content how is that?

I will cover you with kisses. Adam, that Dowi really tricked me. I thought you were home. I can't believe that speaker phone tricked me! My little heart sank. You do know I love you.  I am your loyal cupcake.


[I do have a fab tail, don't I?]



Sally Ann and Andy said...

Your blog looks great!
Another white dog,
A welsh woman with a cute tail,
Sally Ann

silvieon4 said...

Welcome Sally Ann and Andy, pictures of your tails please! Send them to me!