Monday, August 13, 2012

Been There

Oh stop it, don't act all awwe... as if.  We have all been there. I mean really, that stair thing makes no sense. Just like that moving walk in the airport. IT MAKES NO SENSE.  IT made sense to me to ask to be carried. And I did. I was carried, because frankly that stuff scared me silly.

There is just no predictability to it...

who actually loves elevators!


Kolchak Puggle said...

ROTFLMAO, ohmiwoof Vie! You should see your Koly on an elevator. He splays all his legs out like the ground could disintegrate under him at any second and he gets all wild eyed like it's some sort of trap. It's so funny (and a little sad). - the Mama

Colby, Raven, Elsa said...

It looks like you're shadow boxing. Are you prepping for a big boxing match? j/k

Happy Monday!