Friday, August 24, 2012

The "conference"

The time:  pre-breakfast
The place: under the dining room table
The topic: How to get momma to give us Turkey Jerky for breakfast

The plan: turn your nose up to anything that is presented UNLESS it has turkey jerky.
Difficulty factor: 5 [very very difficult, because we are starving to death!]

Must be unified in our approach so as to cause worry and serious concern that we might be "sick"-
Let out a small "fake cough" only if needed.
Don't over play it... that woman will drive you to the vet in a blink... and they stick thing in your tush! Sick pervs. Shudder.

Must be calm and WAIT. 
Momma will crack like an egg.

I am good. I am very good at this game. I can feel her apprehension and worry... Turkey Jerky is coming my way....

Got to make sure the Wendy does not crack....

 who looks calm and happy...

1 comment:

NanaNor's said...

I think you deserve the turkey jerky! You two are so cute and look like you are going to team tag your momma. I hope she gives in-just like I did yesterday when Hunter got home from our being away-he got lots of treats.
Happy Day.
Noreen & Hunter