Friday, August 3, 2012

the talk around the water bowl

The daddy is coming back from training today. The talk around the water bowl is all about daddy and what he might have learned and what he needed to learn and how to keep him sharp on what he learned. We are all very vested in our two leggeds.  They are like our real pawrents. We all want to be proud of them and we all want them to do well. It's only normal.  

I really do wish someone had explained it to me before he left.  You know... I wish someone had told me he was going to get trained, or more accurately "re-trained". I would have made a list of areas that I think he needs improvement on. Something for his trainer to focus on.

Do you think they sent him home with a new clicker? Mhh, I wonder what color it is. 
Well, for my part I promise to remain consistent in my demands so that his training does not get derailed. And yes, I will give him lots of reward and praises for everything he does properly. And I hope they send home the commands or trigger bark list. 

The Wendy thinks the daddy was close to perfect. Mhhh.  The Wendy had a huge blind spot when it comes to the daddy. Close to perfect... he  is NOT THE MOMMA!  I tend to measure everyone against momma. I think she set a pretty high bar. Her belly rubs... legendary.   Her walks?  AWWWWSOME... her treats?  DELISH!  She is a bit OCD about sneaking our meds in our food. I get allergy pills. But I finally trained her to stuff them deep in a bit of yummy liver. She laces our yogurt with calcium [we know about it, she thinks we don't.... hahahahaha] and other than her fussiness she is as good as gold. Our meals are perfect and on time, our water bowl is always fresh and she does not mind a lick or two and she is very protective of us.

Daddy. Mh. Daddy. He needs to learn belly rubbing of multiple bellies at once. And he needs to get a watch. Oh he has a few?  Well then he needs to set them so that he sticks to our schedule. None of this "in a bit" bit.... And the biggest area of improvement that he needs is this obsessive behavior he shows about this "Job" dude. Job should not be something that interferes with a well deserved snuggle with me. Job should not take up most of his time. Job should not inconvenience moi. Job needs to go to H.... Eh? Oh Job pays for my chewies?

Hm. So, what are we talking about?  The daddy needs to mind that Job guy and get me more chewies. My birthday is coming. In two days!  I will getting chewies!!!!!!! Right????

I love you daddy, hurry home


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