Sunday, August 12, 2012

How do you end a perfect Saturday?

Well, after you do your Saturday rounds, and your walkies and your territorial markings are all freshly renewed,  [we OWN all of Tidewater. We have so declared by rights and by markings]
you cap off the day by doing a walk first up and down Atlantic Avenue, and then a full ride at the Boardwalk.

Momma got lazy, she left the blinking thing at home [oh yea! - fake the sorry face here], she left her phone in the car  [fake it again... the sorry face ha hahaha] so, she ended up taking this pic with daddy's phone.

Check out the big rock that looks like a dude waiting for his portion of  the big chicken named after a country- Turkey, yes, that one.  I mean he even has a giant fork, he is ready to eat! But, I must say... at my house, momma would not let you sit at the table like that.  You need to put on a shirt and look more respectable.... and leave your snapping turtle where it is. The momma is not up for being pinched. Trust me I know about this.

One observation. That cloudy sky was WONDERFUL. IT kept the sun from cooking us. And it provided the right amount of shade so we could get a proper boardwalk ride without feeling the heat!  Loved it!  And it did not start raining until we were already in the car on the way home. Like I said.... PURRRRRFFFEEEECCCTTT.

A special thank you to the ladies from the VB video van who brought us ice cold water! It even tasted better than what daddy had packed for us. It did, whaaaat?  We loved it.

And a shout out to the German Shepard Rescue group!  Momma loved being with your big guys, and you rock. We were grateful we got momma away from you without her bringing "souvenirs"  home. 

It is the life. And to all the tourists who snapped our pictures and wanted to take us "home"... WE ARE HOME!!!!!  So thank you, but no thanks.

and the "gang"

PS is my daddy cute or what?

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bichonpawz said...

Your Daddy is very cute!! So glad that you got to go for your favorite boardwalk ride!! Mama sold our bike trailer last year when she couldn't ride the bike anymore...but we still have our stroller!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug