Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tastee Tuesday Fish Awareness

Tasteee Tuesday--- A fish warning

The truth about fish. Fish is healthy and fish is a great source of protein, BUT there is one issue you need to know. In the Pacific Northeast, Salmon Poisoning Disease is a real issue and a deadly one as it carries a nearly 90 percent fatality rate in untreated dogs.

And even though it is called Salmon Poisoning... it occurs with any anadromous fish (a fish that lives in saltwater, but spends some of its life in freshwater. And Salmon Poisoning can occur anywhere.

The cause is a bacterial organism (Neorickettsia helminthoeca) very similar to those that cause Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Typhus. It ONLY effects dogs (domestic, wolves, coyotes), cats, and people are not at risk of contracting it. Within a week of ingestion, the organism attacks the dog's intestines it causes hemorrhaging. It gradually becomes systemic, and the organism spreads to the lungs, liver, brain and lymphoid tissue.

You can read all about the mechanism of the toxicity cycle here:



With safety in mind, prevention is easy! NO RAW, or

smoked salmon, or trout... or any fish that hangs out on

freshwater. Yes, that mean NO salmon sushi which...

your human should also pass on, unless the salmon has

been previously frozen. Yea, you read it right. Freezing

kills what would hurt your hooman. But freezing it does

NOT make it safe for your dog.

But. Poach some salmon and I am sooo there.

You known... just get some


NanaNor's said...

Thank you Silvie for this info-I had no idea and Hunter loves cooked salmon. Happy Days.
Noreen & Hunter

Kirby the Dorkie said...

Good info! Kirby doesn't eat raw but I'm gonna pass this info along to my readers whose dogs may eat raw.

Kolchak Puggle said...

It's scary eh? We love a nice salmon roll, but Mama always make sure it's from safe fish. Here in BC, the local fisheries advisory says deep freezing for 3+ weeks kills the flukes.