Monday, August 27, 2012

THANK YOU Hickory VET Hospital

We won PET OF THE WEEK in the Hickory Veterinary Hospital contest.  How cool is that?

I have said before, we love our vet. but that stick in the butt thing, that's got to go... I am just NOT down with THAT.

Dr. K,  thank you for making the world aware that us "rescued" dogs are not second class citizens. We did not fail life, it failed us.

After a short celebratory weekend [National Dog Day] it was very nice to find that we are Pet of the Week.

I will tell you a secret.  We whined about National Dog Day. But, honestly I felt the tiniest wee bit guilty for demanding full adoration.... because... I was only asking what I get daily. Sooo, not so much of a stretch for the momma who assures me that she could not find a National Dog Day card at the store. Aha... how did that happen? I mean those greeting card makers have cards for burps and hiccups... what a lapse... what a missed opportunity... And why is there NO gifting tradition that goes with this holiday.  You know... swag???? Something like the seven days of Hanukkah??? Momma said something about donating to a shelter. Fine, I am not arguing with that.  

We need to raise the consciousness of the world for this very important holiday.

I know, Isaac, the political convention.. Lolly's wedding shower... lots of competing interests, but honestly, nothing is more important than YOUR beloved dog!  Get real, world.  Get your priorities straight.

Ahhh post breakfast chill out. If only she could stop to rub my belly right this second....  Hey... momma, I am pet of the week... how about some respect... RUB my belly!!!  What does one have to do around here to get some loving? 


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