Tuesday, August 14, 2012

White Hats were at IT again

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Yes, I am too resentful . Today seems to be my day for resentment.
Momma went out again and she took my daddy with her.
MY daddy.
He is MINE.  Just saying.
They went White Hatting and Bennet's Marina.

All I know is... he came back very tired and I just know it is momma's fault.

But hey. If the White Hats want to ignore moi and not allow moi to join them, I will form my own HAT Society and you can bet your Bippy [do you have one of those?  I need to see it. I have no real idea what a Bippy is...] I will not invite those snobby White Hats.  Ohhhhh ding!  Mine is the TAIL Society.
You have to have one to join.

I am sure some of you have those.
Are you in?


Marshmallow said...

I am soooooo in! I do have a white tail. In fact, I have a white everything! When and where are we meeting?

bichonpawz said...

We have TWO tails! We are IN!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

Kolchak Puggle said...

The Mama said something about white hat shopping this week and she had better not be talking about the same kind of white hat YOUR Momma has because frankly, your white hats seem to gad about an awful lot leaving their poor pupplets at home. I don't need my Mama falling in with the wrong crowd, thankyouverymuch! Now your tails society on the other hand sounds lovely. The Felix doesn't have a tail though - can he join if I get him a pin on one like Eeyore has?

silvieon4 said...

Koly, I bet Felix's docked tail is more than enough, and if your momma starts White Hatting, mhhh all I can say is work her guilt like it is your personal mission, so far I got belly rubs, scallops, a chewie and the daddy all to myself.

Happy tail society is now formed.

Sally Ann and Andy said...

Can we join? Andy has a fluffy tail, and well everything about him is white. We'd love to join the tail society. Tell us where, and we will be there.

Marshmallow said...

Sorry, I read the message as the WHITE Tail Society. I certainly did not mean to discriminate against any 4-legged with a tail (or a nub)--I love everyone. My sincere apologies.

silvieon4 said...

Marsh it's all cool. Tails. Its' all about the tails... And I know we have some beautiful ones...