Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Must I be true to my breed?


Soooo, Bichons are the top friendliest dogs according to that article. 

It is so hard to be me. I am all Bichon. I am cute. I would not call myself "friendly" to strangers. In fact... I am not fond of being touched by anyone I don't know. I don't know where those hands have been... 

And I had a bad experience. Someone tried to steal me from momma. 

So... if you are a stranger, let's be polite and respect personal space, please.

But now... I have to make a real effort to live up to the hype. Sigh.

JD is the greeter and social butterfly of our group. He loves being petted by female humans. He is all about lotion, perfume, painted toe nails... and sun dresses and sandals. We wonder about him. We wonder a lot... Momma says he has the soul of an old sailor. Kind of a strange statement, that boy does not give a hoot about ships or uniforms... it's all about the women with him... who knows what momma means.

All right. I am willing to try and be "friendlier". I will go into my TBFR ambassador mode.  Just the same, let's keep it real. No kissing and no puffing my belly.  That kind of intimacy is for my pack.

Like I said... it is not easy being me!


rocky-dog said...

Hmm, I understand your basic need for privacy and not wanting strangers to touch.

As a member of a theatre company, I have found I must allow my public to touch and pet me. Mama says I am also a doggie diplomat into the local Hindu community. Apparently many of the "grandparents" who come to visit from India are not used to friendly dogs. So we show them how easy it is.

It's definitely a working life. Not the path for many, but it works for me.

Besides, I really like it when I can get down and dirty (literally mama says) with the scene shop guys

silvieon4 said...

yes, but do you get grift? Treats, Yummies??? I just can't get over how grabby some humans are. I don't touch them why do feel OK touching me? And for nothing? no, no no. I pass.

I do admire the fact that you are a working dog. JD could do it. Moi... just point me to my queendom.

Marshmallow said...

Silvie, I am completely with you on this. Why is it that if you're cute and little that 2-leggeds think they can put their paws all over you? We are like fine art--look, but don't touch!