Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Please DON'T buy this!

Photo: Please, please, please do not feed your dogs Beneful. We know Beneful is a major cause of skin and ear allergies, but most of the summer dogs have been becoming deathly ill after eating Beneful. Some with seizures, some severe GI distress, some organ failure and some even died. Purina should win an academy award for all its fancy advertising that would brainwash you into thinking Beneful was good for your dogs. Exactly the opposite is true. See all these consumer complaints on the link. If you need advice in choosing a safe and healthy food, our staff is well trained in nutritional counseling and we can help you make a good decision

Do we need to say more????


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Anonymous said...

Hmmm interesting. I've been giving Simba Beneful and haven't seen any of these symptoms and he actually likes it. I guess I better stop giving it to him though based on that! Wow.