Monday, August 27, 2012

Winner winner chicken dinner????? Yes??? DRAT

Mhh  I am hungry. Let's eat.  Wwwwwwhat do you do you mean No?  Vas is NO?  I am the PET of the week winner.  Do you not pay attention to DWTS?  Yeaa... Dancing with the stars woman...
"WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER" the say that all the time!  You know why?  Cause it's true!

Now put of of them chicken pot pies bad boys down for me. I am winner, I get the chicken dinner!

Again with the no. Allright, I am nothing but flexible. How about a booberry cherry raspberry pie?

A baby apple pie?

Oh I am getting seriously fed up with that word. Noo? Booooooooh to you! I am now sulking, is that what you wanted?

I don't want to hear that lame brain 'xcuse...Calories.... Make it without the calories!  I love crust.... gimme crust.

Fine, know this.  Hell knows no fury like this puppy's scorn!!!!

'vie for the time being... I will be changing my name....


Ruby Rose and the Big Little Angels 3 said...

I love chicken. I licked the monitor for two minutes.

silvieon4 said...

Momma the mean did not share. We did get a taste from daddy. Delish. Will be putting on my poor me face the next time that chicken pot pie stuff comes out. I am not ashamed to beg... Mean momma!