Monday, November 14, 2011

Where is Wendy Pooh?

Last night at my house:


Momma : " Wendyyyyy?????  Wendyyyyyyyyy.... time to get your teeth brushed....

Where is Wendyyyyyy???

Hiding. Hiding?  Where is she hiding?

Under the rolling cart with all the cookie decorations on it.  UNDER?????? She fit under????

Silly girl, come out and let momma brush your teeth. Come on, you big baby. Come on and give me those pearly whites.

So, do you think that I will go away if you ignore me? No, no, no..... come on, look at Silvie, she let me brush her teeth, and her ears and her tail, and wipe her face and rub her belly and kiss her and wipe her eyes, and her paws... and rub her belly some more... and brush her some more...

Well, maybe she is needy, but look how good she looks! OK.  Will you come out for your vitamin?  Yes the good candy. There , now we can go take care of your teeth and your tail and your ears....

Yes, it was an excellent hing place!"

Now, don't you just want to gag? Listening to those two just makes me want to gag...and why momma even needs The Wendy I have no idea.  I am mean, helllloooo have you seen me?  I love having my nightly routine.  I am all about the touching! I say let the Wendy get all matted, and nasty and icky and yellow teethed and let her learn!  I am NOT jealous. She is just a big baby! Momma, hold me... I love you ... You love me, right?



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