Tuesday, November 15, 2011

JD's two cents. and roomer has it....

I am surrounded by females. All day long. All night long.  I do miss the dad, a lot. He sort of evened out the field. But. And it is a huge "BUT". I am the ONLY guy in town for momma and I am taking full advantage of that reality.  In fact, I have been getting quite a bit of face time with momma. And it is wonderful not to hear "Momma's boy" from the daddy camp. Shhhhh the girls have no idea that gets under my fur. Knowledge is power and keeping them powerless is the only way to maintain control. 
I have a new "theng" I do now. When momma is busy cooking or baking I find myself a grand observation spot [it used to be my red stripy bed, but that miserable little one has been napping in it lately because she has no concept of BOUNDARIES!]  Then I sit down and pose myself.
I know that if I turn on my eyes, momma stands zero chance of resisting me.  It might sound vane, but it is true. Look at me. Not bad for an old guy.  Nine, yes, in a couple of weeks, but this old boy still has it.  Momma says she loses her mind in my eyes.  [it does explain so much....]
Talk around the water bowls has been all about the BIG CHICKEN named after a country and all about the impending visits from both Dowi and Adam , and oh yes, the dad too.  I love it.  They are coming home for my birthday. Let's see... my birthday... my whole fan damily together... hey, sounds like a party!!!! Bring on the dancing girls! Can someone spot me a few bills, I am a big tipper.  What????  You do what you want for your birthday, Adam, daddy... are you with me on this???


The opinions expressed in this post belong solely to JD who is apparently a closeted misogynist and momma should know that before she sheds one more emotion on him.  Nuff said.  'vie and I speak for ALL females.


Two French Bulldogs said...

You sound like you are missing your Paw. At least you can start planning the pawrty and hiring the dancing girls
Benny & Lily

Kolchak Puggle said...

JD, my man! I am * in* let's have a boys night and head to the collarless bar!