Friday, November 18, 2011

It is time to do the DANCE OF JOY to the 3rd power!

So, everything is moved,  I am warming up, loosening up the off tushi and tail, and I am getting ready to BUST A MAJOR MOVE!!! It is time to dance with abandon, with joy and with pride!!! You got it world, not one, not two, but THREE of our White Dog Cottage residents are finally going home, to a their new forever home!!! This is what I call giving Thanksgiving something to be thankful for.  Cuddles, that little thief of hearts that worked the Fall Bash like it was her private showroom... is staying put her her foster parents [Mr and Mrs Cheesecake, my nickname for them and they know why....] flunked fostering. Cuddles, I am thinking of the song "you made me love you, I didn't want to do it...." and YOU DID! So, the nose nuzzle trick worked, ha?

Quincy boy! I hear Mr Houdini [Quincy does not needs thumbs, he can Houdini his way into anything!] has acquired his own family. Quincy, you will be taking care of your new brother Zachary who also was a TBFR grad.

And Frisco. Frisco your placement is going to leave a huge gaping hole in uncle Jack's heart. But he will be able to visit you! Reba needs you Frisco. She really needs you and I happen to know your new momma. She has the biggest heart and the sweetest soul. You are such a lucky boy.

Now, time to bust a move with a most righteously celebratory Samba.  Come on everybody, Samba rolls!!!  Forget Tognoli,  dance with joy and abandon, nobody is looooooooking...... One... two..... Sambaaaaaa!!!

'vie whose hips were made to Samba!

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