Friday, November 25, 2011

Vaccines and consequences

This post comes from silvieon4's mom.

WLOS ABC 13 News :: Top Stories - Concern Over Rabies Shots For Pets

"Veterinarians are advising local pet owners to keep a close eye on their animals, after taking them in for rabies vaccinations. Both dogs and cats can suffer severe reactions, like high fever, joint swelling and loss of appetite. Some cases are more subtle at first, but can eventually become serious. If the side-effects present themselves quickly, it is important to contact your vet right away. Keep in mind, these problems can occur after any pet vaccination, not just the one for rabies.

Wednesday, November 23 2011, 06:38 PM EST

If you are a two legged who shares his or her life with a four legged, you owe your four legged friend a duty of care. You must get educated to be an effective advocate for your dog.

THERE ARE NO STANDARD VACCINES and THERE IS NO UNIVERSAL VACCINATION PROTOCOL APPLICABLE TO ALL DOGS ALL THE TIME. Vaccination should be only be done after careful consideration and evaluation of the particular dog at that particular time and place.

There are good guidelines set by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) Canine Vaccination Task Force and published here:  Guidelines are just that- guidelines and should never be automatically applied to every dog at any time, but they help in the decision process.

Look at your dog. Asses his/her health, age, condition, medical history including allergies, present medications, and lifestyle.

EVER. NO EXCEPTIONS. A dog with a compromised immune system should not be exposed to any vaccine. The exposure to the vaccine could have catastrophic consequences.

For Bichons, vaccines should never be administered in combination shots or at the same time. Vaccines should be spaced at least 3 weeks apart.

Assess the risk of exposure to the "dangerous condition" you want to immunize for against  the danger of the vaccine itself. Where does this dog go that exposes him to the risk you are immunizing for? Giving a dog who lives primarily indoors, in a northern state, the rattlesnake vaccine [Crotalus atrox] is ridiculous and dangerous.

Any veterinary practice that advises multiple, repeated, bundled vaccinations is NOT practicing good veterinary medicine, they don't really care about your dog's health, they are simply generating income. Walk away from that practice and find a better vet. Calling the vaccination "ROUTINE" does NOT make them safe or necessary.
From the Canine Vaccine Guidelines:
"veterinarians in small animal practice in the US have
considerable discretion in exercising their judgment relative to the
use of veterinary biologic products licensed by the USDA within
their professional practice
Unfortunately, some abuse that privilege.  Well clinics run by large corporations in pet store are notorious for administering bundled multiple vaccines without hesitation. It is all about the mighty $$. So, be aware.You are not a responsible pet owner if you subject your dog to unnecessary shots. In fact you are quite the opposite... you are an irresponsible pet owner who is exposing his/her dog to unnecessary risks . You are negligent.

At the very least read the FAQ on page 28 of the Guidelines.  

Older dogs do not need any vaccinations except for rabies every 3 yrs.  Giving them a vaccine can literally kill them.

As a human who has experienced horrible, life altering reactions to vaccines, I am vigilant, aware and sensitive to this issue. I have no problem whatsoever telling a vet "NO VACCINES".   I am a careful pet parent. JD is a living example of the consequences of bad vaccine practices.  No dog should be victimized this way. EVER.

Silvie on2.


Tucker The Crestie said...

THANK YOU, Silvieon2 for this post. I have two major hot buttons as a canine/feline caretaker. Optimum nutrition/species appropriate diet is one. Prudent administration of vaccines is the other. Tucker will never have another vaccine since being diagnosed with hypothyroidism last year, and neither will Finn, UNLESS titer testing proves the necessity of it. Tucker currently has a medical titer for rabies.

Kolchak Puggle said...

I love you Silvie on 2. This is such an important message for all dog owners to hear! One thing the Mama never knew until it was too late is that dogs with food allergies can often be made far worse with vaccinations. Poor Felix. the Mama feels so bad. His allerrgies got worse and worse every year and she didn't know why. The vaccines were to blame and the Mama has big time guilt about it! We're going to share this on our Facebook.

silvieon4 said... Kol, tell your mama to start here. She can repair Felix's immune system. It just takes time and the right
supportive therapies.