Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Can I has DAT?

You have a lot of those,  can I has dat?
Gimme one. I gave you cutsie voice. Cutsie yelp even. Tail wag? Wiggle butt? None of that matters?  Why not?

Why can't I have one for breakfast?  They look fun.  Of course they are not junk food!  You made them, you don't make junk!!! Gimme the one with the rose on top. I love flowers. I don't mind sugar... It's sweet, like me!

Ok, let's negotiate.  Gimme... the one with the heart on top I want to taste the little balls on it.
Again with the no. My my, are we "Mary Contrary" today?

Ohh how about that?   You share your "pucino foam all the times..." No, I like the feets you put on your cup. Feets taste delicious to me anyway. There are not feets? Feet. Sigh, the caca you have to put up with just to get a little sumeting sumeting. Ok , I bite. [I wish I was biting] what are those things on the cup?  Ahh  wings... if you say so... they make your coffee heavenly. Ooooh OK.  Can I have those? Do you know another word besides no?

How about that cake thing?  It has apples, you can't argue healthy!  It is full of apples!!!  Apples are healthy!! Who are you saving it for? Daddy. Daddy???? He is not even here!  I am!!!  I am the one who keeps you company, who loves you, I would never go to Ack run and leave you here!!! You just undervalue me, You take me for granite. Who is Grant It?  Granted?  Is that a real word?  I like mine better. Taking someone for granite means not worrying about them. Because you can do just about anything on granite and not hurt it.  I make sense. You don't!

What is that???? Turkey jerky.  Can I have that?? Yes?  SCORE!!!!!!  it is my breakfast?  Delish!  Can you put feets on it? Feet. No? Drat.  Ok, gimme the turkey jerkey!!! I am starving here!!!


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Tucker The Crestie said...

Wow, lots of yummies! Too bad you got only the turkey jerky.

Kolchak Puggle said...

The Mama wants those cookie wings. Yum!! Looks sooooo good! The turkey jerky looks heavenly too.

Two French Bulldogs said...

we think mom should share
Benny & Lily

bichonpawz said...

We would like to have ONE of each of those!!! Sure hope you got some of that heavenly turkey jerky!!