Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Rocky, see what I mean?





Yes, there is a mouse. A bread mouse... you can't reall tell but the whole humangous loaf is shaped like wheat bundled. She is too short to take a better picture now.

Ok it is done, see?  Not one crumb for me..... not one.....


rocky-dog said...

Oh, the bread mouse is really cute. I think mama is planning to make cruellers (um, LOVE any kind of fried dough!) and maybe start on the poppy seed and nut rolls this weekend. Mama bought a REALLY big bag of flour last saturday, so that means we are BAKING! She also brought home a pile of apples from the farmers market on Sunday. Mama wants to know how your mama has time to make all this good stuff and pack -- mama says to tell your mama she sympathizes about packing -- mama hates doing that too -- she says it's right up there with doing laundry!

silvieon4 said...

Our apples became apple cake...which daddy took to Ack....run. Krusciki.... On our list I am told...and kalaches and rugelach. As this is probably our last Dessert District at this house, it has to be a great one. Momma cooks and bakes to relax. Packing is miserable when you don't know when or where you are moving to. We get our flours in fifty lb bags. A/P (all purpose) Bread, Soft Wheat, High Gluten.. Rye, Semolina....and a bunch of other ones that apparently are important to momma. They all smell the same to me...kind of. Momma is hyperactive. Once she is out of bed, it's go go go until she collapses. And these days busy is how she copes. Time to think is dangerous.